Genius loci – 2019

Dance & Music performance
Artist in residency “CloseUp Festival”, Civic Museum of Crema, Italy
20-22 September 2019
Maruska Ronchi – butoh dance, choreography, performance
Ljuba de Angelis – composition, electroacoustic music, performance

Neo-nomades – 2019

Festival “En chair et en son”  – International meetings between butoh dance and acousmatic music. Italy edition 2019 (Benevento).
An electroacoustic piéce about a contemporary nomads and about a deterritorialization of job and daily life. The “global nomads” are liberated from emotional, social, and physical obligations.
It’s the awareness of freedom; to escape of routine and go away.
From urban soundscapes to natural soundscapes guided by a primal voice.
Electroacoustic music
-Field recording: urban soundscapes, natural soundscapes.
Cello: Giuseppe Franchellucci
Vocals: Ljuba de Angelis

Ouroboros – 2018

Pièce électroacoustique (field recording, vocals, cello, analog synthesiser VCS3)
Festival “En chair et en son ” France edition 2018 – International meetings between butoh dance and acousmatic music.
Centre de création numérique LE CUBE  – Issy les Moulineaux (France) –  27/10/2018
Performance by Maruska Ronchi
Audio full version


Dalla culla alla vasca (Cradle to bathtub) – 2016/2017

Sound Installation
A white empty hall, like an empty white bathroom, just a bathtub in the centre and four speakers  create a quadraphonic sound.  A big carousel for crib hangs and rolls over the tub. A carousel full of jellyfish, sinuous and transparent; jellyfish like Medusa of Greek mythology, meaning the female rage and the feminine wile.
The visitor has to get in the bathtub, filled with white felt like foam, and has a sound trip. Feeling the connection between the cradle and the bathtub, it’s like a deep dive in the past. The memory of childhood and “not memory” of the birth. The transition from amniotic fluid to cleansing scented water.
LJUBA DE ANGELIS – sound art (field recording, musique concrete, experimental music)
MATRUPIX – plastic art


I soliti errori (Same Mistakes) – 2015

Art Video: Matrupix.
The loop of construction and destruction. The contrast between natural and man-made, black and white, death and rebirth.
Computer animation &Video Editing: Matrupix
Music & Sound design, vocals and synthesizer VCS3: Ljuba de Angelis
Stop-motion for video installation (loop).