• BABEL-CRACK (2019)
Soundtrack “Futuro Remoto”
LOSCO soundtracks contest 2019 (Rionero in Vuture, Italy).
Music by Giuseppe Franchellucci & Ljuba de Angelis
Ljuba de Angelis – vocals, shruti box, effects pedals
Giuseppe Franchellucci – cello, effects pedals


  • Hypnose rétinienne et terreur (2015)
Film extract.
Scene: a woman faces an invisible and violent enemy.
External forces are introduced in the frames. Glass walls crumble and furniture furniture topples. The protagonist, in a state of terror, is suffering from hallucinations and personality disorders.
Piéce for string quartet (one of the two cellos play noises and effects)

  • Ghosts Before Breakfast (Hans Richter, 1928)
Experimental Cinema
An extract of Vormittagsspuk (Ghosts Before Breakfast) , an experimental film by Hans Richter from 1928.
Music & Sound design with analog synthesiser VCS3 (2016)

  • Syrian Voices (2017)
Electroacoustic piéce – Field recording of Syrian protest in Istanbul.
Taksim Square Assad protest reimagined by Ljuba de Angelis. “Everything in the piece is taken from the original recording. I worked a few sound samples with some tools to evoke the war (airplane and bombs noise) like a backing track for the field recording.” Part of the Protest and Politics project – find out more at

  • Suggestions (2016)
Electronic piéce for Voice and Synthesizer Clavia Nord Stage.


– Music for film –



  • Ossessione (2014)
Free composition for spoken voice, string quartet, synthesizer and effects.
Reference Movies “π – Pi” D. Aronofsky


  • Epidemia e fuga (MIDI version) 2015
Movie Theme Songs
Category: historical, dramatic
1832, France. A young Italian officer walking around the Provence at the time of cholera epidemic. He meets villages destroyed by death, but also love, heroism and generosity. He observes the men’s madness, the humanity in a panic and an inability to cope with this catastrophe.
Piéce for symphony orchestra with romantic quote of “Swan Lake” of P. I. Čajkovskij



  • La scoperta dell’invisibile (MIDI version) 2015
Category: fantasy (see. The Never ending Story)
Scene. The protagonist discovers something wonderful and previously inaccessible.
He is suddenly projected into a fantasy world.
Movie theme voice (soprano), string quartet, kettledrums and synthesizer.